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    Develop the ability to think and behave like an entrepreneur



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    Develop a market-validated product or service that makes money



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      Develop measurable processes that effectively operate a business

        What People Are Saying

        “Craig has a natural gift for looking at a problem, analyzing it, and finding a way to solve it. He easily and strategically connects with the appropriate partners. If additional knowledge is needed, no problem! Even it means learning a different language. He is naturally curious, genuinely interested in what other people are working on. He also knows what it’s like in the trenches growing a new enterprise, so he’s ready for the challenges.

        Ruth Sternberg

        Owner – Nuptivity

        “I have known Craig for the past five years and he is a phenomenally brilliant strategist, innovator with natural leadership abilities, and he provides thoughtful analysis and feedback to complex and novel projects refreshingly and compellingly. He is a unique gift to any endeavor he is involved in and provides profound value to his partners, clients, and stakeholders.

        Tammy Charles 

        Founder & Chief Ecosystem Architect – Tampa Bay Spark

        “I can definitely say that Craig is extremely knowledgeable and results-driven in everything he does. Without a doubt gave me the blueprint to a successful crowdfunding campaign, and also continuous support after launching the campaign ensuring I don’t fall off or give up too early. With the business you have, I believe that his skill set can be an extremely valuable asset and help things move forward a lot faster.

        Isiah Fowler 

        Founder – SWAV Eyewear

        Meet Craig

        Author, Business Strategist, and Serial Entrepreneur. 

        Craig M. Chavis Jr. is an award-winning author and business strategist that specializes in helping entrepreneurs develop proactive, profitable, and proven business models. 


        At the core of Craig’s coaching philosophy lies the mantra – Become the Entrepreneur of Your Life. Through this lens, he coaches through an alternative and holistic perspective cultivated from over a decade of first-hand experience launching and managing multiple businesses in Ghana, Costa Rica, Peru, and the United States of America.


        He is a serial entrepreneur, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a former division-1 collegiate athlete, and received his BSBA from Samford University and MBA from the University of Tampa. Craig is also a super foodie, world traveler, lifelong learner, and currently resides in Columbus, OH.


        "Time is gold, and money is silver."


        - Craig M. Chavis Jr

        Value Creation Framework

        Want to develop a proactive, profitable, and proven business model? Download a copy of my Value Creation Framework to get started!

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