Creative entrepreneur, business coach, and strategy consultant.

After suffering a season-ending injury during my sophomore year playing college football I thought about dropping out of school. Luckily, my Spanish professor intervened in my life and persuaded me to take a break and study abroad in Costa Rica. This moment changed my life and exposed me to a new culture, environment, and viewpoint of the world.

From there, I would travel to 15 more countries, serve in the Peace Corps, and launch several start-ups including a distillery in Peru. Pushing all of these accolades to the side, I can honestly say that I am NOT SELF MADE. I had help and I give credit to all my family, friends, and people who believed in me.


Paying it forward, I believe that I have also found purpose by adding value to other people's lives. Embarking through this crazy journey called life, I will help you to discover your purpose, become your best self, and make a living doing so.



In business, growing from 0 to 1 is a lot harder than growing from 1 to 100.

Craig M. Chavis Jr.