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I can definitely say that Craig is extremely knowledgeable and results-driven in everything he does. Without a doubt gave me the blueprint to a successful crowdfunding campaign, and also continuous support after launching the campaign ensuring I don’t fall off or give up too early. With the business you have I believe that his skill set can be an extremely valuable asset and help things move forward a lot faster.


Isiah Fowler – Founder – SWAV EYEWEAR 

Craig has a natural gift for looking at a problem, analyzing it, and finding a way to solve it. He easily and strategically connects with the appropriate partners. If additional knowledge is needed, no problem! Even it means learning a different language. He is naturally curious, genuinely interested in what other people are working on. He also knows what it's like in the trenches growing a new enterprise, so he's ready for the challenges.


Ruth Sternberg – Career Navigation Coach –

The Entrepreneurial Job Seeker 

I have known Craig for the past five years and he is a phenomenally brilliant strategist, innovator with natural leadership abilities, and he provides thoughtful analysis and feedback to complex and novel projects refreshingly and compellingly. His insights are transformative, and he has lent his voice and wisdom to my social entrepreneurial startup, Tampa Bay Spark. He helped us think through our content and programming that allowed us to engage a broader audience and develop high-level strategic partnerships. He is a unique gift to any endeavor he is involved in and provides profound value to his partners, clients, and stakeholders.

Tammy Charles – Founder & Chief Ecosystem Architect – Tampa Bay Spark

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