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Terms and Conditions

Last Revised: April 28, 2020

Thank you for visiting a Cre8ive Craig LLC Website, including,, and You arrived at this Terms and Conditions from one of the above sites, referred to herein as this “Website”. By visiting this Website, you are consenting to our Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change by Cre8ive Craig LLC at any time and at our discretion without notice by updating this posting.

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of this Website. By accessing this Website, you are acknowledging and accepting these Terms and Conditions.

Your use of this Website after any changes are implemented constitutes your acceptance of the changes. As a result, we encourage you to consult the Terms and Conditions each time you use this Website.
By accessing, downloading, installing, or using this Website whether or not you become a registered user (“User”, “You”, “Yourself”, “Your”), You agree to be bound by these Terms, which you acknowledge that you have read and understood.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. You must review these Terms and Conditions at this Website on a regular basis to keep yourself informed of any changes.
By purchasing or using any of our programs, products, or services, you agree to abide by these Terms of Conditions as well as my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions that may apply, and are you are required to act in accordance with them. Accessing, purchasing, or using our programs, products, services, or program materials, in any manner constitutes use of the program, products, services, and program materials, and your agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
All our programs, products, services, and program materials are intended solely for users who are thirteen (13) years of age or older. Any registration by, use of or access to any program, product, service or program materials by anyone under age 13 is unauthorized, unlicensed and in violation of these Terms and Conditions. By accessing or using our programs, products, or services or our program materials, you represent and warrant that you are at least 13 years old.

Cre8ive Craig LLC cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction with our offerings. We give you a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our resources, just ask for your money back. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax, or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are illustrative of concepts only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance.

Use caution and always consult your accountant, lawyer, or professional advisor before acting on this or any information related to a lifestyle change or your business or finances. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions, and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions, or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

These policies and procedures apply to all Cre8ive Craig LLC products sold on this site or any other site owned by Cre8ive Craig LLC that includes a link to this page.

3.1 Subscriptions, Trials and Digital Products
Your membership, which may start with a free trial, will continue unless and until you cancel your membership or we terminate it. You must have Internet access and provide us with a current, valid, accepted method of payment to use our service. I will bill the membership fee to the payment method used when signing up unless updated or changed by subscribers. You must cancel your membership before it renews each payment period in order to avoid billing of the next payment period’s membership fees to your Payment Method.

Trial Subscriptions: Your membership may start with a trial. The trial period of your membership lasts for 7 days or as otherwise specified during sign-up. For combinations with other offers, restrictions may apply. Trials are for new and certain former members only. Company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to determine your trial eligibility.

Monthly and Quarterly Subscriptions: You have SEVEN (7) days from the date of the original purchase to request a refund for your purchase. Any refund request after the SEVEN (7) DAY time limit will not be processed. You may cancel at any time after the initial SEVEN (7) days have passed.

Quarterly Subscriptions: You have SEVEN (7) days from the date of the original purchase to request a refund for your purchase. Any refund request after the SEVEN (7) DAY time limit will not be processed. You may cancel at any time after the initial SEVEN (7) days have passed.

Yearly Subscriptions: For yearly subscription purchases, you have SEVEN (7) days from the date of the original purchase to request a full refund for your yearly subscription. Any refund requests after 7 days will be prorated by the amount of time remaining under the original yearly subscription period. Example: If you purchase a yearly subscription in January of this year and you decide you want a refund 6 months from the purchase date, your prorated refund would be 50% of the purchase price.

Excessive returns will not be accepted. Refunds will not be given to anyone customer for one specific product more than twice. There is an unlimited amount of orders that a customer can place for one specific product, but the money-back guarantee is void after a customer has used it for one specific product more than twice.

Trial members will receive a notice from us that your trial period is ending or that the paying portion of your membership has begun. We will continue to bill your Payment Method on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis for your membership fee until you cancel. To cancel your subscription, submit a ticket at 

Monthly Subscriptions automatically renew each month at the stated retail price until the subscription buyer notifies the company that they wish to cancel. Please refer to the Returns & Subscription Cancellations section of the Terms of Service page.
Yearly Subscribers will be notified via email prior to renewal with the option to renew at the original yearly price.

Return Policy
You have SEVEN (7) days from the date of the original purchase to review the training and preview the course. Any refund requests after the SEVEN (7) day time limit will not be processed.

Our refund policies may vary per program, product, or service. Please refer to the program, product, or services’ website for the specific refund policy.

From time to time, on some Cre8ive Craig LLC products, we will offer our members the opportunity to purchase additional products and services at a discount rate. To be eligible for this discount, the customer must be a member in good standing at the time of purchase. No rebates or partial refunds will be offered if a customer purchases a training, and then joined our membership because these discounts are intended to be a benefit for active members and not an enticement for new members.

If a member purchases an item that was eligible for a discount, if the member notifies me within 30 days of the purchase, a partial refund for the discounted amount will be offered. If the available discount is not reported within 30 days, a credit for additional purchases will be offered, but note that no refunds or credits will be offered after 12 months from the date of purchase.

You agree to provide accurate and complete information when you register with, and as you use Cre8ive Craig LLC services, and you agree to update your account information to keep it accurate and complete. You agree that Cre8ive Craig LLC may store and use the information you provide for use in maintaining and billing fees to your account.

7.1 Access to Previous Purchases
As an accommodation to you, subsequent to acquiring Cre8ive Craig LLC training, you may download previously acquired training (when available) onto any associated device. Some Cre8ive Craig LLC training or services that you previously acquired may not be available for subsequent download or access at any given time, and Cre8ive Craig LLC shall have no liability to you in such an event. As you may not be able to subsequently download certain previously-acquired content or training, once you download an item, it is your responsibility not to lose, destroy, or damage it, and you may want to back it up.

Cre8ive Craig LLC reserves the right to change content options (including eligibility for certain features) or remove access without notice to any previously purchased training or content that is no longer valid or deemed out of date.

Business owners of all levels are welcome here. We have community members of all skill and experience levels, from college students to full-time entrepreneurs.

We want people to feel safe when using our groups and forums. For that reason, we’ve developed a set of community guidelines within each group and outlined below. These policies will help you understand what type of sharing is allowed in our private groups and communities, and what type of content may be reported to us and removed. Because of the diversity of our global community, please keep in mind that something that may be disagreeable or disturbing to you may not violate our community guidelines.
Business owners of all levels are welcome here. There are members of all skill and experience levels, from college students to entrepreneurs to multi-million-dollar enterprises.

Keep it respectful
Comments that are inappropriately negative, rude, or attacking will be deleted, removed, or we will ask you to revise your thoughts. Everyone is here to learn and grow, so anything violating that will be removed.

No pitching to the group

We have a strict ‘no shopping for customers’ policy in our groups. This includes pointing people to blog posts with your offers/affiliate offers and publicly asking members to join your own Facebook groups or communities. Be cautious of unsolicited private messages to group members. If we get multiple complaints that you or someone else is using private messages to make unsolicited pitches to members, you may be asked to leave. You should view the group as your peers, not your leads.

No gated content
Content posted in the groups cannot be used to harvest leads in any way. If you need feedback or a review, post the direct PDF, document, or screenshot. Don’t require people to opt-in to view.

Respect confidentiality
Content gathered in our online community groups cannot be collected, repackaged, and/or shared outside the group. Every member of our communities has a right to privacy and the right to feel safe that their questions, answers, and experiences remain privy to group members only.

Keep it on topic
We reserve the right to remove posts based on off-topic content or offensive content.

Partnering with other members
Access to this group does not mean that Cre8ive Craig LLC endorses anyone’s products or services. Please be cautious and do your due diligence when partnering with anyone in the group – don’t assume everyone is trustworthy. If you are looking for help implementing the stuff that our membership or pieces of training teach, please email Craig at to work with us and be directed to a trusted referral partner.

Report posts that are breaking group policies
Due to a large number of people in our groups and communities, it’s sometimes difficult for me to catch everything. If you see a post that is questionable, please report it, tag our community manager in the comments, or reach out to our community manger directly via private message so we can review them.

Breaking the rules
Three warnings for rule-breaking behavior will result in a 7-day removal from the group. After the 7-day period, you are welcome to rejoin the group on a 30-day probation. If you break the rules again during your probation, you will be permanently removed from the community or group.

We represent and warrant that we process any collected personal data in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. For details on how we collect, store, process and protect personal data please refer to our Privacy Policy.
This Website collects user data ranging from personal data to data from social networks to track results of advertisement. Examples of data we may collect on our users:

Personal picture: This Website collects the avatar (or gravatar) used via Disqus (or another application) to be used as a personal picture of the user.

This Website may collect the birthday, gender, country, and city of the user to track personal information and demographics for advertising and marketing purposes.

This Website stores the email address, to send emails such as advertisement offers or messages to the user. However, this Website does not share email addresses to third parties without consent.

You acknowledge and agree that all content and materials available on this web site are protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights and laws. Except as expressly authorized by Cre8ive Craig LLC, you agree not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit, or create derivative works from such materials or content. Simply Scalable is a U.S. registered trademark of Cre8ive Craig LLC and/or its related companies.

This Website and its content are property solely owned by us and/or our affiliates or licensors unless otherwise noted, and it is protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.

If you view, purchase or access our Website or any of its content, you will be considered our licensee. For the avoidance of doubt, you are granted a revocable, non-transferable license for personal, non-commercial use only, limited to you only.

When you purchase or access our Website or any of its content, you agree that you will not copy, duplicate, or steal our Website or its content. You understand that doing anything with our Website or its content that is contrary to these Terms and Conditions and the limited license we are providing to you herein is considered theft, and we reserve our right to prosecute theft to the full extent of the law.

You are permitted from time to time to download and/or print one copy of individual pages of the Website or its content, for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you give us full attribution and credit by name, keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices and, if used electronically, you must include the link back to the Website page from which the content was obtained.

You may not in any way at any time use, copy, adapt, imply, or represent that our Website or its content is yours or created by you.  By downloading, printing, or otherwise using our Website Content for personal use you in no way assume any ownership rights of the content – it is still our property.

You must receive our written permission before using any of our Website Content for your own business use or before sharing with others. This means that you may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, market, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email, website, link or any other electronic means) any Website content because that is considered stealing our work.

We are granting you a limited license to enjoy our Website and its content for your own personal use, not for your own business/commercial use or in any that earns you money, unless we give you written permission that you may do so.  

As a licensee, you understand and acknowledge that this Website and its content have been developed or obtained by us through the investment of significant time, effort and expense and that this Website and its content are valuable, special and unique assets of ours which need to be protected from improper and unauthorized use. We clearly state that you may not use this Website or its content in a manner that constitutes an infringement of our rights or that has not been authorized by us.

The trademarks and logos displayed on our Website or its Content are trademarks belonging to us unless otherwise indicated. Any use including framing, meta tags or other text utilizing these trademarks, or other trademarks displayed, is strictly prohibited without our written permission.

All rights not expressly granted in these terms or any express written license are reserved by us.

Request for Permission to Use Content
As noted above, reproduction, copying, or redistribution for commercial purposes of any materials or design elements on this web site is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Cre8ive Craig LLC.
Any request for written permission to use our content, or any other intellectual property or property belonging to us, should be made BEFORE you wish to use the Content by completing the “Contact Us” form on this Website, or by sending an e-mail. For information on requesting such permission, please contact Craig at 

Customer Service
If you have questions or comments regarding Cre8ive Craig LLC products, please email Craig at 

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