Burdens of a Dream

This book is written to help boost your mindset to prepare for entrepreneurship.


I leverage my personal entrepreneurial journey to show and tell readers about 33 fundamental business and life lessons.


Written with episodic chapters, the book can be easily read in a single setting or as a monthly devotional.

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Why do we settle for the status quo?

Craig just finished college and is about to enter the workforce. All his life he has been instructed to earn an education, land a good job and live a happy life.
Like most, he blindly welcomes this reality as truth and reluctantly accepts his fate. Out of the blue, he is stripped of his entire identity and is forced to either answer his true calling or live a false life of regret.
Reaching into his soul, he takes a calculated risk to travel to a whole new world and ultimately finds his true purpose. Through the crucibles of trials and tribulations, he is bruised and battered but ultimately prevails through an unexpected betrayal by a trusted business partner.
This is the journey of an entrepreneur.
Are you ready to become the entrepreneur of your life? If so, this book is for you! Burdens of a Dream is filled with 33 actionable nuggets of wisdom that are guaranteed to help you:


  • Leverage failure to your benefit

  • Make decisions in your best interest

  • Define your definition of freedom

  • Build a business around your skills and passions

  • Live life on your terms

Stop wasting your time and answer your calling to abandon the status quo, follow the road not taken, and discover the person you're truly meant to become!

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