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I have over 5 years of experience in facilitating large workshops, facilitating informational sessions, and speaking at international conferences.


Some of my past engagements include speaking for corporations, universities, nonprofit organizations, and more. My talks span from 30 minutes up to a multi-hour workshop.


Additionally, I really enjoy guest posting and being interviewed and I have had my work featured on blogs such as Las Morenas de España, Worldview Magazine, and Arlington Now.


Feel free to check out some of my most recent speaking engagements and collaborations below. This information will be periodically updated as new content is available.

Featured Appearances

My personal story and life experiences are vast but some of my signature talks include:

  • The Art of Alignment

  • Pivoting 101: How to Rebrand with Ease

  • How to Create Value for Your Customers

  • My Six Best Friends: The Power of Asking The Right Questions

  • Branding Always Comes Before Marketing

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